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Woodland Craft by Ben Law

Woodland Craft by Ben Law

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by Ben Law (Author)

Celebrate the splendor of wood with these wood-crafting projects. From simple woven panels to making a functional yurt, Woodland Craft features an array of easy-to-follow projects that include crafts for the farm, garden, wood fuel, building and domestic use.  Green wood – wood that has been recently cut and is therefore still moisture-rich – is the predominant material used in the projects featured in this essential guide for craftsman of all levels.

With Woodland Craft:

  • you'll learn all you need to know about tools and devices, both old and new.
  • you’ll browse through the directory of tree species and identify the best uses for each.
  • you’ll gain the insight you need to make practically anything out of this clean, crisp, beautiful element.
  • Includes 700 illustrations and photographs
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