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Village & Country Residences: and How to Build Them

Village & Country Residences: and How to Build Them

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Author: S. B. Reed, foreword by Nathaniel Tripp

Publisher: Lyons Press, 2000 (reprint of 1878 Ed.)

Written at the turn of the century by architect S. B. Reed, this book reflects the attention to detail and pride in construction of an era when homes were built to last. Here are dozens of designs selected by the author for their practicality, comfort, and economy-embracing almost every variety of arrangement and style. Each design is accompanied by a detailed description of its construction (including measurements and materials) and estimated cost. The browser will be charmed and amused to see that it cost only $1,100 to build a three-story home in 1878. Today, old-fashioned homes in livable repair are difficult to come by and often sell at a premium. Village and Country Residences provides inspiration and time-honored council on building the beautiful, reliable home of your dreams in the very same style as the stately original.

ISBN: 9781585740086

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