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The Mad Weave Book: an Ancient Form of Triaxial Basket Weaving

The Mad Weave Book: an Ancient Form of Triaxial Basket Weaving

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Author: Shereen LaPlantz

Publisher: Dover Publications, 2016

Most basket weaves are created on two axes but the triaxial method -- also known as mad weaving -- is formed on three axes for a strong and distinctive fabric that lends itself well to color patterns. Mad weaving has been practiced around the world for generations, from Asia to South America, but there are only a handful of instructional books on the subject. This detailed, easy-to-follow guide reintroduces the traditional craft to modern hand weavers with instructions for many different basket patterns.

Author Shereen LaPlantz, an accomplished weaver and instructor, experimented for several years before developing a streamlined approach to making mad weave baskets. She begins with the basics, advancing to examples of color patterns, shaping, double weave, and surface embellishments, and she concludes with tips for finishing touches, from handles and lids to feet and reinforcements. Every step is accompanied by a clear diagram. Readers will delight in this guide's tremendous variety of patterns and find inspiration in its helpful suggestions and examples.

ISBN: 9780486806037

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