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The Home Farming Revolution for Drylands

The Home Farming Revolution for Drylands

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Authors: Melanie Rubin and Zoe Wilcox

Publisher: Home Farming Revolution Press, 2012

Developed out of Zoe Wilcox and Melanie Rubin's workshops at Mother Nature Gardens and Sacred Heart Backyard Farm, "The Home Farming Revolution for Drylands" is a step-by step guide to help you convert any plot of land into a micro-farm. Although the book focuses on techniques for the desert Southwest of the United States, the main concepts and principles are applicable anywhere. The benefits of creating home farms in our towns and cities are as plentiful as the bounty they produce. We need healthy food in order to be healthy. The United States faces a growing number of health concerns that may be catalyzed or exaggerated by poor nutrition in this, the "wealthiest nation in the world." Wilcox and Rubin believe a person shouldn't have to be wealthy to eat healthy! Home farming provides healthy, organic food at peak freshness to all people despite economic status or location.

ISBN: 9780615631134

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