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The Deerholme Mushroom Book: From Foraging to Feasting, Author: Bill Jones

The Deerholme Mushroom Book: From Foraging to Feasting, Author: Bill Jones

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Author: Bill Jones

Publisher: Touchwood, 2014

"Thorough and intense . . . A fully referenced field guide [for foraging mushrooms] and a collection of utterly delicious recipes, it's destined to be a classic." --Anita Stewart, Founder of Cuisine Canada

Shortlisted for a 2014 Taste Canada Award, this comprehensive cookbook and expert guide will expand your culinary knowledge of wild and cultivated mushrooms.

Foraging for mushrooms is a seasonal pursuit that can be done in large groups or in peaceful solitude. Spring brings the promise of morels, late summer bears the first chanterelles, and autumn welcomes an explosion of mushrooms. In this illuminating handbook on all things fungi, Bill Jones, an acknowledged expert in the field of wild foods, explains in great detail how to safely forage for mushrooms, what to look for in markets and grocery stores, and how to effectively grow your own.

But what do you do with your bounty once you arrive back at home? Jones, also a celebrated chef, presents more than 120 delicious recipes for basic pantry preparations, soups, salads, meats, seafood, and vegetable dishes such as Truffle Potato Croquettes; Mushroom Pate; Porcini Naan; Semolina Mushroom Cake; Beef Tenderloin and Oyster Mushroom Carpaccio; Curried Mushroom and Coconut Bisque. With The Deerholme Mushroom Book, the essential guide to edible mushrooms, you'll gain insight into the medicinal and cultural uses of mushrooms, and reap the health benefits of simple, unprocessed food.

ISBN: 9781771510035

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