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Spalted Wood: The History, Science, and Art of a Unique Material

Spalted Wood: The History, Science, and Art of a Unique Material

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by Sara C. Robinson (Author), Hans Michaelsen (Author), Julia C. Robinson (Author)

For the first time, the history of spalted wood—wood coloration caused by fungi—is detailed in a comprehensive resource covering the science, the history, and the applications of spalting. Featuring 870 photos and photomicrographs, this resource goes back 700 years to the beginning of written records of spalting, and follows its evolution from closely guarded guild secret to scientific curiosity to a mainstream art form. Robinson, the leading world expert in spalting and founder of the topic's essential reference site, also presents an introductory guide to spalted woods from around the world. Along with supplier lists and an in-depth look at the most current, groundbreaking research in spalting today, there are full-color photos of spalted works from renowned artists like Mark Lindquist, David Ellsworth, Silas Kopf, and James Krenov, spanning the full spectrum of spalting colors and uses in woodcraft.

harcover. Physical Info: 1.2" H x 12.2" L x 9.3" W (4.2 lbs) 288 pages

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