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Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 2, Beyond the Basics

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 2, Beyond the Basics

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Author: Desmond King

Publisher: D & M King, 2015

In Shoji and Kumiko Design Book 2 Beyond the Basics, Des King continues on from where he finished with Book 1 The Basics, and takes instruction in shoji patterns and kumiko art to the next level.Book 2 explores much more complex kumiko arrangements with two stunning shoji projects, and an extensive array of beautiful and intricate kumiko patterns, ranging from relatively simple, to highly advanced.He provides detailed instructions with more than 500 photographs and diagrams on how to make more than forty kumiko patterns in the square, diamond and hexagonal layout using tools found in any Western workshop, and simple shop-made jigs. No specialized tools are required for the patterns covered in Book 2.The kinds of patterns in this book will turn a simple attractive shoji into a an exquisite and eye-catching work of art that will add great flair and style to your home.

ISBN: 9780987258311

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