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Practical Blacksmithing, Volume 1

Practical Blacksmithing, Volume 1

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The forging of metal gave birth to the Iron Age, and the original Practical Blacksmithing is referred to as the bible regarding the craft that shaped modern the new Practical Blacksmithing (Annotated)features more than 220 illustrations (15 more than the original, with updates and corrections), Volume 1 of this foundational text describes tools forge building and the basics of blacksmithing, and is essential for both the do-it-yourself backyard blacksmith and the professional metalworker.

Originally published in four volumes in the early 20th century, this is the first of those annotated and edited to make sense to the modern reader and be more useful to the modern smith as both a reference and a historical guide. This new edition of
Practical Blacksmithing (Annotated) is different from similar books in that while it includes contributions by working tradesmen, it has now been updated by a CURRENT working blacksmith!. In addition to its clear and concise instructional material, the book’s editor collected the actual words of old-time blacksmiths offering their best methods, unique how-tos, original techniques, and arcane knowledge.

Industrialization and mass production may have led to the disappearance of the blacksmith from everyday life, but the art of metalwork never died. It smoldered like hot coals in a forge, and today those coals are red hot as craftsman taking up blacksmithing as a hobby or art form seek to learn the foundational aspects of the trade.

Proving that what may be old can actually be new and useful,
Practical Blacksmithing (Annotated) Volume 1 also includes the early history of blacksmithing and describes tools used since ancient times. In addition to thousands of other useful facts, the modern blacksmith will be introduced to many tools of the trade, and can even learn how to build a blacksmith shop with detailed do-it-yourself plans!

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