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Marquetry: An Illustrated Guide

Marquetry: An Illustrated Guide

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Author: Colin Holcombe

Publisher: Self-published, 2021

Marquetry, An Illustrated Guide, gives a full, but easy to follow tutorial in the various methods employed in the art of marquetry. After a brief history of the subject it describes in detail how to prepare and cut the veneers, both with a fretsaw and/or a knife, how to assemble the picture and glue it to the groundwork as well as how to apply a finish. Marquetry can be practised by people with all levels of skill and experience, and this book will show you how to achieve results worthy of comparison with the very best. Colin Holcombe served his apprenticeship as an antique furniture restorer and learnt the art of marquetry along with many other skills at that time Since retirement he has written several books on various aspects of woodwork as well as restoration and conservation. Topics covered are: composition, cutting techniques, tinting and shading, parquetry, tools and materials as well as finishing and polishing. and many others.

ISBN: 9781399902052

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