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Fresh Wood Design Book: Finished Works from Woodworking's Next Generation

Fresh Wood Design Book: Finished Works from Woodworking's Next Generation

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Author: Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS)

Cedar Lane Press, 2022

Discover the Next Generation of Woodworkers and Designers.

Young designers and makers have more tools than ever to create what their mind can envision. CNC machining, robotics, 3D printing, and ever-advancing software continue to evolve and have become standards in the toolbox of the next generation. To highlight this evolution, the American Woodworkers & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) sponsors a student competition with the finalist and winning pieces on display at the biennial AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, NV. With so many pieces of functional art displayed over the past several years, it was time to capture them all in one amazing volume.

In the Fresh Wood Design Book, an inspiring collection of over 120 high-school and post-secondary student projects have been professionally photographed by furniture designer/maker Alan Harp, detailing their creative vision and their beautiful results. The projects in the Fresh Wood Design Book are as unique and inventive as each of the students. Some are reproductions and interpretations of famous styles others are new and igneous designs, but, in the end, all are a noteworthy combination of form and function. Ranging from creative tables and chairs, musical instruments, clocks, and furniture concepts, these projects will inspire students, woodworkers, makers, educators, and industry professionals and will provide a learning or motivational tool for anyone interested in working with wood. Also included is insight from each student discussing the challenges of the design and construction process, the use of new equipment and software, the woodworking techniques, and the complexities of proper finishing. More than a collection of finished pieces, the Fresh Wood Design Book is a glimpse into the future of woodworking and design.

ISBN: 9781950934904

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