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Effective Practices & Methods for Handcrafted Log Home Construction

Effective Practices & Methods for Handcrafted Log Home Construction

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Author: International Log Builders Association (ILBA)

ILBA, 2010

The EP&M provides useful information about about building handcrafted (scribe-fit) log homes that can be found nowhere else. The Practices and Methods come from the vast construction experience of the Members of the International Log Builders Association (founded 1974). The Members of the ILBA are log home builders, contractors, designers, & engineers who have (as a group) thousands of years of experience, and are sharing this valuable information in this one book. The EP&M provides guidance to customers and homeowners, professional builders, contractors who assemble and finish log home kits. The EP&M is also a valuable resource for home inspectors and building code officials. On every page, next to the effective practices is a column of Commentary that helps explain the practices and techniques in common language. The Commentary also provides insight into why each of the practices & methods are recommended.The EP&M is not the story of how one person built a log cabin. Instead, it is the knowledge and experience of hundreds of skilled log building professionals condensed into one "best practices" volume. Included in this volume are effective practices, methods, and techniques for: sill logs, foundations, spiral grain, green and dry logs, corner notches, long grooves, flyways, log beams, purlins, kerfing, checking, protecting log walls from weather, interior frame walls, electrical installation, flashings, vapor barriers, settling and settling allowances, plumbing, insulation and gaskets, doors and window installation, air infiltration, fireplaces and chimneys, log home maintenance, and lots more. Full-colour illustrations throughout the text, with full-page, colour architectural detail drawings in the book's appendix. This book gives you access to the "tricks of the trade" of some of the world's best builders of handcrafted log homes.

ISBN: 978098739527

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