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Ecohouse 2 : A Design Guide by Stephanie Thomas Paperback

Ecohouse 2 : A Design Guide by Stephanie Thomas Paperback

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'As straightforward and compelling as Ed Mazria's The Passive Solar Energy Book (1979), this seminal work is today's most accessible guide for aspiring designers of sustainable residential buildings worldwide.' Society of Building Science Educators 'A must-read for architects, builders and eco-house enthusiasts!' EcoTech Magazine Reviews for the First Edition of Ecohouse: 'It's great to read a book with a no-nonsense message.' The Architectural Review 'Sue Roaf has been able to show wonderful examples of climate-sensitive design from around the world. She addresses the architectural issues head on. The book is a good read, wonderfully illustrated and full of inspiration for the eco-enthusiast or self builder.' 


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