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Discovering Cottage Architecture

Discovering Cottage Architecture

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Author: Christopher Powell

Publisher: Shire, 1996

Country cottages have an almost universal appeal. They are probably the most popular of all building types. Yet how well do we know what we like? How much is understood about their origins, nature, use and form? The myths and misapprehensions about cottages are equalled only by the extraordinary variety of different ways in which they were built. This book will aid the recognition, understanding and historical interpretation of the wealth of surviving cottages in England and Wales. Their changing forms, quality and methods of building are explained and illustrated, along with the great range of regional differences. Architectural aspects are brought into touch with social and economic ones, such as the identity, motives and practices of people who once provided and occupied cottages. The evolution of the subject is followed from the sixteength and seventeenth centuries (when the oldest survivors were built), through a Georgian and Victorian heyday, to eventual decline before the First World War. This book is completed by guidance on how to record and study the subject further.

ISBN: 9780852636732

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