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Building Traditions Contributor(s): Tahitu, Dena (Author)

Building Traditions Contributor(s): Tahitu, Dena (Author)

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Building Traditions: Research on designing a building for the local community of Waai with traditional building materials

Contributor(s): Tahitu, Dena (Author)

ISBN: 384848031X    EAN: 9783848480319
US SRP: $52.92 USBinding: Paperback
Pub Date: April 30, 2012
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'Building traditions' can be explained in two ways. Purely as traditions concerning building methods and techniques. But in this case it also refers to the rebuilding of traditions. The village Waai, on Ambon, an island part of the Moluccas, has a rich heritage based on many traditions, including building traditions. Throughout history many events have taken place, which have changed the attitude towards these traditions and customs. With the decreasing influence of the adat (the term used to describe the original habits and customs of the Moluccan and thus Waainese people), the Waainese people have lost their sense of pride. This graduation research has its focus on how to let traditions reclaim their position in the current time spirit. And more precisely, how the design of a (community) building can help the Waainese community to regain their pride. Traditional building techniques, with materials such as gaba gaba, atap, luleba and tali gemutu, have been documented. Although the final design of the community building, has become a fusion between traditional building techniques and Western building techniques.
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