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A Bitter Fog: Herbicides & Human Rights

A Bitter Fog: Herbicides & Human Rights

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Contributor(s): Van Strum, Carol (Author)

Publisher Marketing:

A Bitter Fog is the true story of people fighting to protect their families and homes from Agent Orange and other poisons sprayed on them from the air. This book tells the story of ordinary people who defied profiteering corporations and indifferent government agencies. Meticulous research exposes deception and outright fraud by chemical companies to keep profiting from herbicides they knew were toxic and government complicity in covering up severe human health problems and environmental damage.

Carol Van Strum, one of two women featured in the award-winning PBS documentary film The People vs. Agent Orange, tells a compelling story of a quest for justice in A Bitter Fog. The book was awarded the Christopher Award, which is presented to writers whose works "affirm the highest values of the human spirit."

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