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The Knot Handbook

The Knot Handbook

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by George Lewis (Author)

Master the essential skill of tying the appropriate knot. Let's be honest: adhesive tape and Velcro have their uses, but they have not rendered knots redundant; no technological advance ever will. That's why it's essential to know how to tie not only the useful ones but also the beautiful ones. And that's what The Knot Handbookwill show you.

Fifty knots you won't be able to live without. Some have been chosen for their fame, some for their beauty, and some because they are knots that everyone should know how to tie. On every great theme, there are always possible variations, and, as the text makes clear, from time to time people come up with new effective methods of tying. Many of the knots featured are strongly associated with sailing, but even the saltiest of them have extensive applications on land that you will turn to over and over again.

Rich in knots and their stories:

  • The 50 knots are classified by their areas of use: climbing, boating, scouting, camping, arborist, rescue, fishing, household, general, equestrian, livestock, indicated by color coded symbols
  • The method of tying each knot is clearly illustrated with easy to follow step-by-step line drawings
  • Anecdotes reveal the history or fascinating facts about the featured knots

The Knot Handbook is enjoyable reading, whether or knot you learn every one.

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