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Log Cabins and How to Build Them

Log Cabins and How to Build Them

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Author: William Swanson

The Lyons Press, 2001

Written by famed builder William Swanson, Log Cabins and How to Build Them is a step-by-step illustrated guide that will give an inexperienced builder a true picture of how a log cabin can be built by various time- and labor-saving methods. The types of construction described in this book are practical and offer the reader the best and easiest methods of building a log cabin. Lob Cabins and How to Build Them provides detailed information on: procedures, types of cabins, location selection, tools, timber, site clearing, foundations, walls, roofs and floors, windows and doors, porches, garages, fireplaces, furniture, landscaping, and fence-building. All in all, Log Cabins and How to Build Them will prove an edifying read for history buffs, an entertaining bit of Americana for handymen, and an essential resource for those who wish to put this knowledge to practical use.

ISBN: 9781585742547

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