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Light Earth Building

Light Earth Building

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by Franz Volhard (Author)

The interest in clay as a building material - which has proved its sustainable characteristics over centuries - is growing. Light clay, which is light in weight and easy to work, is presented here as a versatile and forward-looking building material for modern computer-aided timber construction and the renewal of historic timber-framed buildings with clay infill. The balanced building physics properties of the material, which can be controlled through the mixing proportions, make it suitable for resource-efficient building in various different climate zones. Thermal storage, sound insulation, protection against moisture and fire in conventional timber construction are improved, and the construction is simplified. This standard publication describes detailed production methods, includes practical tips for self-building, and demonstrates the application of ready-made materials in modern construction. The book is aimed at architects, engineers, and their clients, as well as for listed building officers, manufacturers, tradesmen and self-builders

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